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Pseudo-intellectuals, self-declared guardians


Winter 2011 

Dr. Siamak Morreh Sedq
Since the level of academic studies and free studies of the people in a society differ and normally in a cultural pyramid the major part of its volume is occupied by those that due to daily occupations have not much time to study and acquire scientific insight about the delicate relations and the delicate social issues, always the group that due to personal interest, or the privilege of better material blessings finds greater chances for reading and contemplation over cultural issues finds itself more elite and more knowledgeable than the majority in their society and tries to influence the others with their thoughts.
Particularly in the societies where due to cultural limitations the majority of people are deprived of the possibility of getting fully acquainted with thought trends, even if there is appropriate time for getting informed and acquainted with such thought trends for everyone, due to the difference in the extent of the individuals' interests, and genetic capabilities, the extent of different people's awareness will differ. Particularly more so in today's world that due to the complications of the sciences and technologies the entire scientific activities have become ultra-professional and the era of those philosophers that used to become masters of all sciences of their times has for a long time come to an end.
It has been a long time now that the world of thoughts has been needless of oceans that are no deeper than an inch and the time for such philosophers as Avicenna and Harabam has come to its end. Therefore, it has been a long time now that an ordinary individual, no matter how academically learned he might be, is no longer capable of opining in entire scientific fields professionally. Meanwhile, it has now been a long time that various societies have come up with the conclusion that in order to find the solutions to various problems it is necessary to refer to those experts that in addition to having the theoretical knowledge have the minimum required experience in a certain field, as well.
As we all know, for instance, merely because someone is a doctor it does not mean that he can be a competent analyst as well over entire social, cultural, religious or political developments, and probably the worst medical prescriptions can be made by best philosophers of the time. Likewise, in the framework of the social issues, the cause and effect relations in a society are always too complicated to be prevented merely by presenting analyses, or to expect that by preventing a single cause, an effect would no longer exist. That is because in the field of the cultural and social issues normally there are various causes that influence a phenomenon and as a result each phenomenon is the fruit of various causes that can even have counter-effects on one another and many of these causes are either uncontrollable by nature, or managing them requires a long period of time during which there is also need to multifactor analyses in order to comprehend and reign them.
It is a pity that in smaller societies some people assume they have become scientists merely by reading a number of newspapers, sometimes browsing at the virtual space (of the internet) and buying a number of books and reading their preludes, particularly if a few of their friends and relatives, too, would due to their own weak academic insight, or just in a bid to complement them, keep on confirming them and accept the solutions proposed by them as appropriate for solving the entire problems. This way, unaware people present overnight solutions for the most complicated cultural and social issues that in the minds of their designers are reshaped to become the keys for the entire closed doors, and their designers are introduced as the axes of proper thinking. Such thoughts are typically presented with much enthusiasm and so ambitiously that is typically expected of the teenaged people and their initiators assume that the others are either due to conservatism or due to their lack of competence in comprehending the status quo, incapable of presenting them. But as we earlier mentioned, such spontaneous solutions are often presented keeping in mind just one of the dozens of existing problems and most often they cost way above the expected benefits of them. These spontaneous solutions remind one of the ideas of Don Quixote, which were always confirmed and strengthened by Sancho Panza. Particularly today that with the expansion of the virtual space everyone can very easily express their viewpoints and with the relative freedom of expression emerged in our small society, proposing any kind of criticism dose not cost anyone very much. Still, we are witnesses to the birth of few champions that volunteer to fight the wind mills and intend to make moves at the expense of the society members, but they themselves raise the white flags after facing the first serious problems. This group of pseudo-intellectuals looks at the cultural and social activities as pastime activities and free time fillers and never considers the problems comprehensively in an all encompassing manner. A general rule has always existed in the human sciences and will always be there for ever and that is the fact that the spontaneous and crash type resolutions merely contribute to further complications of the situation and as we see the pseudo-intellectuals that without proper studies and thorough understanding on various aspects of the existing problems present apparently brave solutions, in the long run merely bring forth widespread fear and contribute to the attitude of seclusion in a society. That is because the scene of the social activities is the scene for the survival of the strongest and the fittest species, not the scene for lengthy discussions on best abstract ideals that exist merely in the minds f their initiators. That is because without sufficient cognition, deep analysis and full comprehension of the particular social, cultural and historical status, presenting a solution is like going mountaineering aimed at conquering the highest peaks of the Everest Mountain without the appropriate shoes and clothes and prior to proper body building exercises, or having the experience of climbing the Damavand and Dena mountains in advance. If adopting spontaneous decisions at the scene of personal and family lives is dangerous and illogical, making such decisions at the scene of social activities is much more perilous and hazardous. In order to ensure having a better future any society is in need of realist thinkers with deep historic insights and capability of proper analysis of the status quo at lowest costs and presentation of solutions for the society since the eventual gain of the societies that adopt implementation of spontaneous solutions that have no historic support there is no predictable future but defeat and humiliation.





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